Organifi Green Juice Review

Juicing is gaining traction world over, and by now you likely understand what green juice is. For starters, green juice refers to juice that is processed by blending vegetables and leafy greens such as romaine, spinach, and kale using a high-powered blender or juicer. The importance of juicing is that it is more convenient and even healthier to blend vegetables than to eat them that way. However, people are busier today than in gone days, and they usually don’t have time to fetch and prepare fresh ingredients. Besides, the high-powered juicers and blenders needed for this operation cost an arm and a leg. Enter the Organifi’s Green Juice Mix.

Organifi’s Green Juice Mix is a concoction prepared using a range of healthful ingredients. Among other natural products, the concoction is infused with ashwagandha and coconut.

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Drew Canole, the founder of Organifi Green Juice, is a man who has devoted his entire life to helping millions of people achieve optimal health and lose excess weight. He runs a popular blog show dedicated to the same. His company, Organifi, does not at the moment sell any other products. They’ve only specialized in the production and sale of Organifi products.

Who did Drew Canole have in mind when developing this green juice?

Organifi Green Juice bottleThe Organifi Green Juice with its whole range of health benefits seems ideal for just everyone. It is also very affordable and doesn’t require the use of a juicer or blender. In fact, all you need is a glass and spoon. And if you are wary of the bitterness that some whole greens release when juiced, you’d be consoled to learn that this green juice tastes heavenly and doesn’t have the bitterness that characterizes most green juices.

In case you are doubting this is honest, you can always access reviews from customers who have used the concoction before. Most of them are really exultant they discovered this juice. They are happy that at long last they found a green juice that their respective families can drink without grimacing.

How do you use the mix?

It is not rocket science to prepare this drink. You only need to find your favorite smoothie cup, add one scoop of the green juice to water, or a low calorie or almond drink, stir the mix, and enjoy. Simple. You may also add the mix to other prepared juices or smoothies.

A bottle of the green juice has thirty servings, and adults are advised to take between one to two servings each day.


Organifi supplement factsIt features a full gamut of ingredients, however, just like many green juices, it falls short of revealing just how much of each of these ingredients is included in the mix. However, the ingredient chart shows two proprietary formulas – the Super Food Blend and the Alkaline Greens Blend.

The Alkaline Greens Blend includes organic wheat grass juice powder, organic wheat grass, organic matcha green tea, organic chlorella, organic spirulina and organic moringa.

The Super Food Blend entails organic ashwagandha, organic coconut water powder, organic turmeric and organic red beet.

There are other ingredients that are not included in the proprietary formula. They include monk fruit, organic natural flavors, organic lemon powder and organic bran soluble.

These is an impressive range of ingredients. They are all healthy and help people to feel better. In fact, if you can check organific green juice reviews, you can see that people who have used the product often report feeling relief from anxiety and stress. They also grow healthier skin, nails, and hair. Some report feeling more focused and energetic as they perform their daily activities. A slew of reviewers has also reported that the concoction helped them to lose weight. According to pundits, the product has the ability to improve the immune system. Lastly, this mix is ideal for vegans, is gluten-free and possesses no artificial sweeteners. Monk fruit, lemon, and mint are used as flavor enhancers.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • It’s time-saving. As already indicated, this green juice is a worthy alternative to other home-prepared juices, especially for folks who don’t have the luxury of time to make costly and time-consuming trips to the grocery store to keep the fridge stocked with ingredients. Besides, the green juice is easy to prepare, and it doesn’t leave your kitchen messy as blending your own juice would. Therefore, you won’t spend time cleaning every nook and cranny of the counter top juicer after preparing a glass of juice. With this concoction, you only need to scoop, stir, drink and go your way.
  • This green juice, unlike many other green juices that taste awful, tastes good. Reviewers are usually ecstatic that they finally found something their families can drink without grimacing. Most of other green juices taste odd- some say they taste like grass or dirt- but this one has a very sweet and palate-charming taste. It has a minty, refreshing and smooth taste rather than the thick, bitter and grainy taste and texture associated with other green juices.
  • It is cheap. Despite its many health benefits and convenience, the product is incredibly cheap. It won’t break the bank. Going by the cost of one bottle of Organifi green juice, a serving costs a measly $1.93- thus, making the mix affordable than many similar products prevalent in the market.
  • Users of this product report feeling energetic, less anxious and depressed, and buoyed as they go about their daily activities. You might not feel how lethargic you are because you already used to it, but a week after using it consistently will increase your energy levels and help you to become more focused.
  • The concoction will help you to look good. Among its many health benefits, Organifi helps to rejuvenate the skin, to boost the body’s immunity, improve health, and detoxify the body- all of which help you to live a healthy, productive life and for longer.


  • The only downside is they don’t indicate the composition of each of the ingredients in the mix.

How much does the green juice cost and how do you buy?

Prospective buyers have three buying options. For example, they can buy one bottle, three bottles, or four bottles. If you buy one bottle, you’ll fork out $47.95 including shipping. If you buy three bottles, you’ll need to give $129.95 plus shipping (that comes to $43.32 per bottle). If you buy four bottles, then that is a good deal as you only pay $149.95 including shipping (it comes down to $37.49 each bottle!).

Therefore, the Organifi Green Juice is a must-have product if you intend to lose weight, be more focused, and grow healthier. You can read more about it here.