HealthForce Vitamineral Green Review

We live in a day and age where health and taking care of one’s own body is not considered a high priority by many people. For some, it is lack of time, for others it is lack of interest but for most it is lack of information. It is because of this trend that superfoods and nutritional health supplements have become so popular. Healthforce is a household name in the world of superfoods with the Vitamineral Green standing out as one of their best rated and best rating products. Below is a review of this superfood with all the good, the bad and the ugly.

What’s In Healthforce Vitamineral Green And How Does It Work?

As a superfood, it is a combination of many different ingredients. Each and every one of them has its own function but it is the combined effect that makes superfoods like this one so amazing. In particular it is basically a combination of Probiotics and enzymes mixed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. The probiotics and enzymes are the most important ingredients with effects including detoxifying, energy boosting, immunity boosting and general support of various body systems. Without further ado, below are the key ingredients in this product that are responsible for these amazing effects.

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  1. vg-bottleAlgae: Spirulina and Chlorella – These are rich in GLA fatty acids, essential amino acids and minerals like iron and magnesium. The contents contribute to the anti-inflammatory effects of the superfood.
  2. Sea plants: Kelp, Alaria, Laver and Bladderwrack – Sea weeds such as kelp are super rich in minerals like iodine. This is useful in regulation of thyroid function which has an effect on energy consumption and production. They are therefore very important contributors to the energy boosting effect of the mix.
  3. Grasses: Barley, Oats, Wheat, Alfalfa – One of the main contributions made by these ingredients is the high fiber content. It also provides carbs that are broken down to provide the consumer with a slow and steady stream of energy.
  4. Leaves: Dandelion, Parsley, Basil – These offer everything from trace minerals to vitamins including the vitamin B superfamily that is important in maintaining normal and healthy metabolic functions.
  5. Enzyme concentrates: Proteases, Cellulases, Papain, Amylase, Lipase and Bromelain – These help in breakdown of toxic substances leaving your body and all the systems in in clean and functioning optimally.
  6. Probiotics: Lactobacilli species and Streptococcus thermophiles – This help boost the function of normal flora in your gastrointestinal system. This keeps your gut healthy and functioning optimally.
  7. Others: Netter leaf and Carob pods -Adding additional nutrients and antioxidants, they help to detoxify and rebuild.

Other Features Of The Health Supplement

  • Taste – Vitamineral Green has no artificial sweeteners or flavors added to its formula. However, the natural ingredients come together nicely to present a palatable mix. What most consumers like about it is the fact that the algae and sea-products in the mix are in small amounts. This means that you will not have to put up with the repulsive taste other green drinks with high algae content have.
  • Form and Texture – The superfood is available in the form of a powder mix. The powder is finely ground and once mixed with water or your natural juice or even yogurt; you won’t notice any coarseness or lumps.
  • Mixability – The fine nature of the powder makes it very easy to mix with liquids. All you have to do is add water to your scoops and shake gently. No need for a blender or vigorous whisking.
  • Storage specifications – The superfood is in the form of a dry powder and therefore does not require to be refrigerated. However, it is important to keep it away from moisture to avoid powder clumping and growth of bacteria or fungi. You also need to keep it in a cool place away from direct heat or sunlight. This is important as it protects the enzymes in the mix from denaturing by heat.

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At A Glance


  1. The ingredients are all natural.
  2. The mixture is raw and can last over 20 years.
  3. It has a pleasant taste.
  4. It is gluten free.
  5. It is easy to mix and take.
  6. It is highly effective as a superfood.
  7. It is completely vegan with no animal products.
  8. It can easily be incorporated into other food recipes to reap the benefits via a delectable carrier.


  1. It is considerably more expensive than other vegan superfoods.
  2. You cannot consume it directly and you will need to mix precisely in order to reap maximum benefits. This can prove to be a little inconvenient.

Possible Side Effects Of Prolonged Use

It might be an amazing superfood but it is not without its faults. Its use has been associated with compromise of bowel movements. This leaves the consumers suffering occasional bouts of diarrhea and constipation with abdominal cramps. This is attributed to the presence of probiotics in the formula. However, these side effects are rare and affect a very small portion of people who consumer the superfood. The good thing about Healthforce is that they warn you about this beforehand using the label on the package.

There are also studies into the amount of trace elements found in the ingredients used to make it. Prolonged use of this and other superfoods like it could lead to build of heavy metals like lead to toxic levels. This might cause serious side effects including cancer and birth defects. It is therefore not advisable to give the product to children below the age of six. Adults should also avoid overusing the product to avert the risks.

Consumer Ratings And A Summary Of Reviews

The Vitamineral Green is generally well received on the mainstream consumer market. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on and 5 out of 5 on People who have bought the product are mainly happy with the taste, all-natural nature and the amazing effects of the superfood. However, some consumers have expressed concerns about the source of the ingredients. The studies showing the presence of trace amounts of lead have these consumers less than impressed. However, it is generally popular with most consumers swearing by its effectiveness and amazing benefits.


After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that Vitamineral Green is a superfood worth all the hype it has received. With is many amazing natural ingredients and even better health effects, it is worth considering for people interested in superfoods. However, it is not without its shortcomings and caution must be taken while using to avoid the side effects. One way to do this is by avoiding over usage. It is also super important to remember that in order to achieve optimum health, you cannot rely fully on superfoods. You need a healthy balance of exercise, healthy dieting and stress avoidance. Bottom line; it is a great product with a fair amount of cons that don’t really qualify as deal breakers.

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