Juicing To Lose Weight: Juicing Recipes

A lot of people are looking for different ways to get slimmer. Juicing to lose weight is one of the methods that is very popular right now. Usually shedding those extra pounds is a challenging process, but someone with passion and positive energy wishing to kick off with juicing to lose weight has come to the right place. To ensure that you remain healthy and live a fit lifestyle, juicing is one thing that you should consider incorporating into your daily routine. So many Americans and people the world over become obese because of consuming processed foods while eating very little fresh foods.

Juicing to lose weight is ideal because the raw foods and organic ingredients used in juicing will provide your body with vital nutrients without piling on unnecessary weight. Below are basic things you should know before you start juicing to lose weight, its benefits, and some recipes to help you get started.

There are several basic things that you should know before you start juicing for weight loss. They include specifically the type of juicers that you can use and and a list of ingredients with recipes.

Different Types Of Juicing To Lose Weight

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the vital equipment that you will be using for juicing. These types have their unique setbacks as well as benefits. In simple terms, there are only three types of juicers that everyone can choose from. They include the following:

Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicers have a reamer that squeezes juice from fruits. The main feature is easy to clean making it ideal for busy people. However, it only extracts little juice in comparison to the other two kind of juicers.

Citrus juicer

Juice Extractor

Juice extractors unlike citrus juicers have blades that crush fruits when put inside into very small pieces. They are better than citrus juicers because they extracts more amounts of juice. They can also be used to crush harder vegetables such as beets and carrots and the like. It is quite messy to clean it up after using it.

Juice Extractor


A blender is a very popular home appliance that purees vegetables and fruits into fiber forms or juice. According to the research on the main benefits of using a blender is that it produces juice that has a lower impact to the glycemic index apart from producing a finer texture juice. It is the most used by people who are juicing to lose weight.


Which One Do You Choose?

There are a number of appliances that you can use during the process. You just need to find the one that works for you best and stick to it. If you are planning to make juicing your strategy for weight loss, you need to understand you have to make it a lifestyle change. Depending on what you wish to achieve and your juicing taste, you will find different juicers that you can select from but do not let indecision prevent you from getting started. There is always a room to mix things up later during your juicing journey.

Apart from losing weight, benefits of juicing are numerous. It makes you feel full first of all. Secondly, it provides you with a lot of energy and stamina making you more active which is a key piece of the puzzle to every weight loss plan. When you are active you shed weight more quickly as you are burning stored fat for calories. Even the stubborn fat usually melts away faster when juicing is added to the general diet or when it is the greater component of a diet.

Juicing also helps in cleansing and detoxing of the blood especially when you are using vegetables such dark leafy vegetables and wheat-grass. The benefits of juicing from raw foods are so important that most medical facilities recommend it in their healing regimens. When you are dieting, cleansing and detoxing your blood, it helps your body by excreting toxic residue (waste from the blood stream) as well as eliminating stored fat. This also helps to heal the liver which is the central point for fat processing and elimination.

Another important benefit of juicing is reshaping your body. When you add raw organic juice to your daily diet you become healthier and slimmer. When you have confidence on how you look and feel, it is a vital driving force that makes you feel fully empowered and accelerated to achieve your dietary goals. When your mood is elevated and you are encouraged, the juicing benefits continue to nourish your body health wise. For those who are dieters it is what we refer to as a win-win situation.

Best Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss

For those who are kick starting their juicing endeavors, the following are two recipes that you can us to get started. They are the most preferred and widely used across the world.

Lemon and watermelon juice

  • One tea spoon mint leaves
  • One lemon
  • One cupful of watermelon (do not remove seeds)

Take the equipment that you are using, for instance a blender, and add all the ingredients. Blend for a few minutes until you notice some red mash in the blender pitcher. Take crushed ice in a cup, add the juice and garnish it with mint leaves. This drink is a great source of water due to the high water content in watermelon, if you do not get enough water during the day this is the best option to choose. Drinking enough water is essential for burning stored fat.

Cucumber and tomato juice

  • Half tea spoon sea salt
  • A quarter tea spoon cayenne pepper
  • Three to four drops of stevia (optional)
  • One stalk celery
  • Two cups diced cucumber
  • Three and a half cups chopped tomatoes
  • Two cups diced cucumber
  • A half tea spoon ground black pepper

Put the cut vegetables in a juicer and process them until they are blended completely. Add cayenne, sea salt and black pepper. If you want the juice to be sweeter, add a few drops of stevia.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Now that you have the information to get you started, just simply get started juicing to lose weight! It is not a hard process to start off juicing even when you do not have a juicer. There are so many juice bars in cities where you can buy fresh juice every day. But if you want to make it for yourself, you can use the above recipes or find more online.

You can also try green superfood powders like Organifi (or others like this) where you just simply mix it with water and get a tremendous amount of healthy antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more.

Top 5 Superfoods & Smoothie Recipes For Energy & Health

Superfoods are the most nutrient rich foods available on the planet and thus they are great for helping in weight loss. Many of them are quite filling due to the many healthy oils and proteins that they contain. As a result food cravings are dramatically reduced when superfood smoothies are a part of the diet.

Key Superfood Recipes To Add To Your Green Drink

Some superfood smoothie recipes also contain high amounts of calories. Calories, however, are not always a bad thing, especially when they are loaded with important nutrients. An example of a calorie and nutrient rich superfood is the avocado. It contains all the amino acids that the human body needs to build its own protein. Plus, it contains many healthy fats that can keep the body feeling full for hours to come.

Naturally, the more nutrients one puts into the body, the less one craves for food; for the body craves the nutrients, and not the calories. Empty calories on the other hand, can add up quickly, but still leave one feeling hungrier than ever, because there are no nutrients in those types of foods. Therefore, even though some of superfood smoothies might be high in calories, are a good substitute for any other food on the plate, as well as for any other snack, as they can help to dramatically reduce the amount of food that is consumed.

If you and your family do not eat enough healthy fruits and green vegetables on a daily basis, try drinking green smoothies as a simple and easy way to make sure that you consume the recommended daily amounts of vitamin rich and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Superfood smoothies enable you to consume fruits and vegetables in their raw form, thereby, retaining all of their nutritional value and strength. Several foods are classified as super foods: Spinach, wild Salmon, berries, pumpkin, Turkey and beans to name a few. I want to show you how to boost the benefits of the smoothies you drink by adding what I classify as the 5 key superfoods in their pure and natural form: Chlorella, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Wheat grass and Barley grass powders. This article teaches you about their benefits and how to add them to your smoothies for a power packed, vitamins, minerals and enzymes rich that should increase your vitality, boost your immune system and increase your red blood cell count.

Important superfoods for your smoothies and meal recipes

You can purchase the following list of superfoods in powder form from your local health food store or order it from a reputable Internet vendor.

  1. Chlorella – is renowned for its detoxification properties. It can aid your body to breakdown heavy metal toxins such as mercury, cadmium, and lead. It helps you to flush out any toxicity to pesticides such as DDT and PCB at the same time that it boosts your immune system. Chlorella is green algae whose name derives from the word, chlorophyll. It contains more of this substance per gram (3% to 5%) than any other plant.
  2. Spirulina – is a single cell blue-green algae whose name derives from it spiral shape. It is an excellent source of protein, non-animal source of vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E; minerals such as, potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. It also contains amino acids and chlorophyll. Spirulina is used as an immune system booster, energizer and a non-toxic, all natural and vegan method to add extra nutrition to your diet.
  3. Alfalfa – is an Arabic word that translates as “the father of plants”. It is rich in protein and vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It also contains calcium, potassium, carotene, iron, and zinc. Alfalfa plays a role in strengthening bones and boosting the overall maintenance of your health.
  4. Wheat grass – is one of the cereal grasses that can be consumed as juice or in a powder form. It builds red blood cells, boosts the immune system, detoxifies your body by draining your lymph system and carries away many toxins from body cells. Wheat grass is power packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, as many as 30 enzymes and consists of up to 70% raw chlorophyll.
  5. Barley grass – like wheat grass, barley grass is another of the cereal grasses that can be consumed as juice or in powder form. When compared to wheat grass, some sources claim that wheat grass contains more B6, B12, iron and chlorophyll; but barley grass is reputed to contain double the amount of all the other vitamins, minerals and amino acids not listed in the previous sentence, than wheat grass. This is why I recommend adding both of them to your green smoothies.

Simple Superfood Recipe Ideas

Green superfood smoothie

The superfoods can be combined in fruit smoothies with acai, pineapple, mango, blueberries and avocados. Combining the fruits in a smoothie creates a naturally sweet drink that most people enjoy, and are great at any time of day or season. Another way to enjoy the benefits of superfoods is to combine them into a rich salad, sprinkled with nuts and seeds. Depending on the foods, one can make a leafy green salad to go with the main meal, or, a fruit salad to enjoy as a dessert.

To make a simple salad dressing using one of the above mentioned superfoods, simple take an avocado and mash it up in a food processor or with a fork. The squeeze in a bit of lemon juice and add sea salt to taste. This makes for a thick dressing, but it is easily massaged into the leafy greens. The taste is fabulous.

Another idea is for a smoothie. Avocados make for a great addition to just about any type of fruit smoothie, as they provide a nice rich and creamy texture. Fruits and berries that go well with avocados are blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, mangoes and banana.

As for superfood powders, they are excellent in hot smoothies, but also work great in cold fruit smoothies as well. To make a hot smoothie using the superfoods, simply heat some water, and blend it with a bit of coconut oil. Then add your superfood powder, a natural sweetener such as raw honey or agave and enjoy.

Superfood smoothies are the good for you. Start using Superfood smoothies right away and start enjoying the overall health benefits they provide for you and your family.